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A cozy hangout place for you to re-energize and regain your health. Stress and pain are the
two most common modern health problems among the young but they are overlooked.
Lajeune eLounge provides the solution for these two common health problems.
Lajeune aims to relate the energy-recharging concept to people’s everyday lives.
This energize lounge is for everybody who is looking for a place
to rest, relax, chit-chat, and regain health.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I have a tumor removed from the left breast, and within a month 24 small tumors emerged. The surgery wound would not heal, was very inflamed, and so painful that I could not sleep well at night. After 7 days of PESF therapy the wound no longer has fluids seeping out, and inflammation has gone down.

Before treatment, I had high blood pressure of 190/200, diabetes at 15.8, and after got stroke, I had to use a cane to walk. Now after treatment, I am full of energy, my blood pressure is now lower and normal, blood sugar levels are also normal, and I no longer walk with a cane.

After 3 months of treatment, I have regained my freedom and can move up and down the stairs easier than before.