What is
Lajeune eLounge?

Lajeune, a French word for “young”, offers you the easy, convenient, fast and natural energy way of healing, recovering and health maintaining, by using high technology and scientifically proven therapeutic apparatus in our centers all around Malaysia! Our energy healthcare treatments provide you the energy and the “qi” you need to revitalize your body again!

We specialise on delivering wellness in a luxurious and relaxing environment where users can enjoy stress and hassle free therapies. It creates a bonding place with friend/family and personal time and space. Receiving health therapies becomes a lifestyle privilege to enjoy in a non-threatening, relaxing and comfortable environment.

Mission and Vision

Based on true care and passion

To become one stop hightech wellness and energy healthcare hub that strives to provide affordable, complementary and holistic healthcare therapy to the public

Best Possible Equipment

To achieve optimum level of wellness with an effortless yet effective approach for every individual and family.

Unique Business Concept

Our goal is to see lives re-energised and rejuvenated by delivering Lajeune eLounge therapies , combine with a licensing business opportunity to utilise the concept.

Our Promise

We only serve you the best

Pain relief, health improvement and beauty are our expertise. Lajeune eLounge is a one-stop high tech healthcare center from where you can be healthy, young and fit too! Do drop by our Lajeune eLounge nearest to you. You need to experience it to believe it!

Corporate Social Responsibility

Contribution to society is Lajeune eLounge’s long term initiative to extend care to every human being. A unique corporate social responsibility programme will be launched whereby consumers can purchase additional package in the form of vouchers and channel it to Lajeune. Others can enjoy the vouchers after going through an assessment process.

As health maintenance is becoming a financial burden for some, this avenue makes it possible for everyone to comfortably experience various rejuvenating therapies Lajeune eLounge has to offer. To embrace diversity and reach out to all levels of society will be part of Lajeune eLounge’s contribution to community.