Total Wellbeing Energy Therapy

Pulsating Electrostatic Field Therapy (PESF) applies vibrational properties of electric field to the human body that activates the body's natural healing abilities. It balances the body's positive and negative ions, purifies the blood and tunes it to slight alkaline to achieve its therapeutic effect. It creates an internal energy that will revitalise the body.

This therapy is applied holistically as an adjuvant means to advanced medication, during which the user is gently embraced by natural energy field, which is safe and comfortable.

Non Invasive &
Internationally Certified

The therapy is non-intrusive, non-invasive, no known side effects and painless. It is also affordable for every individual and family, suitable and accessible to all levels of society.

The machines are ISO13485 certified and have obtained numerous certifications from China, Singapore, Japan, Korea and other foreign countries as well. It is also insured by Allianz RM3 million insurance in Malaysia and Liberty International Underwriters worldwide excluding USA/Canada.

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1Why do I need to use PESF?
Unbalanced diet, stressful lifestyle & no exercise are all factors which contribute to an unhealthy body. Body symptoms like restlessness, obesity, falls sick easily, numbness of limbs & dark eye circles are some of the indications of poor blood circulation. It is important for us to address to these symptoms before it gets worse. Prevention is better than cure! With PESF treatment, you can stay healthy and fit by sitting on the seat mat and most interestingly, it is an innovative treatment with no pain, no injection, no pills & no operation at all!
2What benefits can I expect from PESF ?
Our PESF device is a high technology lifestyle treatment which promotes blood circulation while improving health condition. Many of our testimonials are related to those who are healthy and having active lifestyle. There are also good results achieved by those with high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, gout and even constipation. Many users did experience smoother complexion and younger skin. You will definitely be amazed of the miraculous result from it !
3Any side effects from using our PESF device?
PESF is non-invasive, non-intrusive and non-addictive with no side effects so far.
4How soon can I see the results ?
Everyone's body composition is different and so, the results may vary among the individuals. Generally, one may feel energetic after PESF treatment. Do drink more water during and after PESF treatment for the alleviation of recovery effects and for body hydration.

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